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Retail Maintenance Specialists & Construction handles the day-to-day aspects of facility maintenance—giving your internal facility team the ability to focus on strategic and proactive initiatives.

Staffed with knowledgeable dedicated agents, Retail Maintenance Specialist & Construction provides intelligent and responsive support for all of your facility maintenance needs. Our staff is specifically trained in the facility maintenance industry. Trade specific knowledge and client specific standard operating procedures. Retail Maintenance Specialist dedicated service agents understands our clients maintenance needs and providing 24/7/365 live coverage.




Mission Statement
Mission Statement

Retail Maintenance Specialists & Construction is focused on building loyalty and trust with It’s customers. Through a unique combination of operational excellence, unsurpassed service, honesty, integrity and a strict attention to detail, we are dedicated to providing the highest level of quality service in the retail construction industry.

Our motivated team will stop at nothing to meet our clients’ every need. Every call, from broken door knobs to stores that have been completely flooded, is treated with the same level of urgency and attention. It is important that our crews are on site quickly, and they are well equipped to handle any situation at hand. All crews are equipped with state of the art communication devices, which provides the ability to identify service issues in real time, which is a critical component to our operation.

It is our hope that our high standard and commitment to excellence will continue to help us provide the quality service to our clients that we have built our reputation on. We are committed to growing alongside of our clients, and we will make all required changes and advances to keep pace with the technology that drives our industry forward.

– Damien V. Romeo, President / CEO

Our Software

Our program management team provides real-time operational and financial reports that identify opportunities for continuous improvement. Managing retail maintenance is a critical component to any operation or property.

Our SAFE (SUPERIOR AUTOMATED FACILITY EXCHANGE) software provides the ability to identify, track, locate and analyze all of your locations. Our proprietary technology mines and sorts data about our clients’ business operations. Our Retail Maintenance Specialist SAFE program management team continually analyzes this data and identifies trends, which reveals inefficiencies and allows us to offer strategies for operational and financial improvement. 

Our Dedicated project managers and our SAFE program provides the perfect combination. The SAFE program can provide reports based on our client’s needs and requirements and  streamlines communication. Our clients also have access to real time reporting through our online portal dashboard.

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