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Your business depends on accurate and timely information to manage multiple facilities and monitor projects. The information has to be readily accessible, easy and complete no matter when or where you need it. Retail Maintenance Specialists & Construction has proprietary secure software, which seamlessly serves as a one click link where our clients can request facilities management services and check on the status of all previously placed open work orders. We designed an executive dashboard that provides a summary view of the most relevant data. One can request, receive, and approve bids on new projects while managing a multiple number of facilities.

In addition to fielding your calls, our users are currently taking advantage of the platform, which includes:

  • A proprietary and powerful computerized maintenance management system that allows project managers to direct the work flow and vendor activity with precision and easeĀ 
  • An accounting and invoicing module that tracks project progress and generates invoices specific to each customers’ unique requirements
    Customer driven generated status reports and budget updates manage the schedule and budget of project roll-outs
  • Review the schedule of periodic/recurring services
  • Robust reporting and analytic tools that allow us to offer our clients to track orders, analyze request frequency by trade type, and track expenditures by region
  • View the service history, cost of your facilities and perform trend analysis


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