Stay Safe and Save Money: The Benefits of Commercial Electrical Maintenance

When your commercial facility opens for business each day, the first thing the manager does is turn on the lights. Facility lighting and electrical systems are essential to the functionality and overall success of any business as no electricity means downtime, revenue loss, and reputation damage for the business.

Not only do you need to maintain the functionality of your facility’s electrical system, but you need to ensure that it’s safe. Any issues with your wiring or electrical connections could be a fire hazard, making it critical to conduct the necessary electrical preventive maintenance for every facility you manage.

Save time and money by staying ahead of expensive and challenging repairs by regularly maintaining your facility’s electrical systems. Not only can preventive maintenance help avoid bigger, pricier problems down the road, but can limit interruption to your facility’s operations caused by an unexpected closure from electrical problems.

Learn why commercial electrical maintenance is crucial to facility performance and safety, how to keep those electrical systems in top shape, and who can help you keep the lights on—literally!

What Is Considered Commercial Facility Lighting?

If your facility is a commercial business, then all the electrical systems in the facility are considered commercial grade. This includes electrical systems within retail stores, restaurants, medical buildings, manufacturing centers, and more. Your building—and all the electrical elements associated with it—are classified as commercial if they are used for your facility’s business operations.

Why does the commercial distinction matter? It means that your facility lighting may have additional restrictions that don’t apply to residential spaces, and it’s important to make sure your facility maintenance company treats your electrical systems accordingly.

Why Is Electrical Lighting Maintenance Important?

While electrical systems and lighting are easy to take for granted in modern times, it’s important to remember that they still utilize powerful electricity to bring us the convenience of light switches and power outlets. When that electricity isn’t safely and properly hooked up, it can be dangerous and electrical failures can lead to detrimental outcomes like electrical fires, electrical shocks, and other hazards that can harm people and destroy property.

But beyond major electrical issues, making sure your facility lighting systems are reliable and updated can also save you money and limit stress. Here are some of the top benefits of prioritizing facility lighting and electrical system maintenance.


The biggest concern with outdated or faulty electrical wiring is the safety of people in your commercial space, including staff, customers, and vendors. Avoid catastrophes and subsequent reputation damage and lawsuits by conducting regular electrical maintenance on your spaces.


The only way to tell if your electrical system can be made more efficient and cost effective is by having it checked by a professional commercial electrician. These experts can not only detect inefficient systems but can suggest upgrading to more modern systems or adding new elements, like LED lighting and solar panels (which save you money and help the environment… win, win!).


If the lights go out (or the restaurant appliances stop working, or the factory machines stop turning, and so forth), then your facility must close until you’re able to get your essential electrical elements running again. Avoid the headache through regular preventative maintenance that will detect and stop a problem in its tracks before an emergency emerges.

How Is Electrical Preventive Maintenance Conducted?

Since electrical systems are typically obstructed within walls and behind appliances, it’s natural to wonder how a professional electrician can check your facility’s systems to conduct proper commercial electrical maintenance. While some things can be checked visually—like confirming that outlets don’t have dust or debris blocking the openings, or making sure exposed wires aren’t cracked or damaged—other crucial elements of your electrical system are more hidden.

A commercial electrician can test the integrity of the circuits and review meters to ensure the electrical current has the appropriate resistance and voltage flowing at any given time. By checking the breakers with various meters, they can get all the information needed to prevent major issues.

How Often Should You Have Electrical Maintenance?

As part of your facility maintenance program, regular electrical maintenance is essential and exactly how often you need it depends on your specific facility. The general rule is that your facility’s electrical infrastructure should be checked and tested at least annually but depending on your state- and industry-specific requirements, this can vary.

A professional commercial electrician can help you work out a schedule that aligns with your needs and helps you stay compliant with local ordinances. And bonus: if they notice a potential issue in your facility lighting or electrical system during one of these preventative checks, you can have it checked out before anything fails or flares up into a larger problem.

Should You Hire a Certified Commercial Electrician?

Yes. It’s critical to engage a commercial electrician who has the proper training and certifications to handle your facility’s electrical needs. Find a trusted commercial electrician by engaging a reputable maintenance company that serves your area—preferably one that offers 24/7/365 service in case of emergencies—to ensure that you always have a capable electrician on call for your facility.  Also, make sure the electrician (or company) you select specializes in caring for your facility’s specific needs; requirements vary from industry to industry. Check their credentials and service offerings to confirm they can handle your commercial space’s electrical preventative maintenance. When you partner with a company like RMS, we have Certified Commercial Electricians on staff, saving you the hassle of having multiple vendors. 

Keep the Lights on with RMS

When you’re ready to set up your commercial electrical maintenance plan, look no further! At RMS, we pride ourselves on our responsiveness as well as our team of seasoned, skilled expert electricians. When we respond to a call at your facility, we keep your management staff updated on the progress as we solve your facility lighting issue or conduct our electrical preventative maintenance. You never have to worry if we’ve got your facility covered—you can rest assured knowing that we’re taking care of it.

We can handle any electrical concern for your commercial building, from checking your facility’s compliance and safety to installing fun new fixtures (and maintaining them for you, too). Contact us today to learn more about our commercial electrical services and schedule a consultation.



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