Spring into Safety: Your Essential Facility Maintenance Checklist

The harsh winter weather can significantly impact various elements of your facility. Inspecting and addressing potential issues early on allows for timely repairs, which secure the safety of occupants, prevent further deterioration, and extend the lifespan of your infrastructure. Proactive facility maintenance ultimately increases your space’s longevity, optimizes functionality, and improves its overall resilience throughout the changing seasons, providing a seamless transition into the spring – the season of renewal.

Essential Maintenance Steps for a Safe Spring Transition

As spring approaches, you must thoroughly review your facilities for the new season. The following checklist will guide you through essential maintenance and critical considerations for a safe and well-maintained environment.

  1. Ensure Lights Are Functioning

Guarantee the safety and well-being of everyone within your facility by taking a proactive approach to lighting maintenance. Begin by thoroughly inspecting interior and exterior lights, ensuring they function optimally. Swiftly address any burnt-out bulbs or damaged fixtures, replacing them promptly to maintain a consistently well-lit environment. At RMS, we recognize the vital role adequate lighting plays in enhancing safety for employees and customers. By prioritizing the functionality of your lights, you contribute to a secure and welcoming atmosphere, fostering a sense of comfort and security throughout your premises.

  1. Check the Condition of Walk-off Mats

The ISSA reports that a 15-foot entrance mat can prevent 80-90% of the dirt tracked into a building by foot traffic.[1]  Prioritize the cleanliness and safety of your entryways by diligently checking the condition of your walk-off mats. Perform a thorough inspection of your mats to identify any signs of damage, ensuring that these mats are in optimal condition. Promptly replace any damaged or excessively worn mats to effectively uphold their efficacy in trapping dirt and moisture. Additionally, incorporating a regular cleaning routine for these mats is crucial to maintaining their functionality. By adhering to these steps, you preserve the longevity of your walk-off mats and enhance their ability to prevent the tracking of dirt and moisture into your facility, contributing to a cleaner and safer environment for all.

  1. Repair Sidewalks

Winter weather can inflict various types of damage to sidewalks, primarily due to the harsh conditions associated with cold temperatures, freezing and thawing cycles, and the use of de-icing agents. Preserve the integrity of your property and guarantee a safe pedestrian environment by addressing the aftermath of winter through diligent sidewalk maintenance. Identify any cracks, chips, or holes that may have developed during the winter months. Swiftly address these issues to avoid further damage, maintain the structural stability of your sidewalks, and prevent trip and fall accidents.

  1. Repair Parking Lots

After enduring the challenges of winter, your parking lot may bear the scars of snow and ice removal efforts, with plows and salt contributing to the formation of cracks and potholes. These imperfections not only compromise the aesthetics of your property but can also become safety hazards for pedestrians and vehicles. With regular inspections, timely repairs, and proper maintenance practices, you can mitigate these issues and preserve the functionality of the parking lot.

  1. Check Fire Extinguishers

Ensure the safety of your facility by conducting a thorough check of fire extinguishers after winter. The winter season can expose fire extinguishers to various elements, including temperature fluctuations, moisture, and potential damage from snow removal efforts. These factors can impact the effectiveness and functionality of the extinguisher. According to the National Fire Protection Association’s NFPA 10 Section 7.3.2, all fire extinguishers must be externally examined.[2] Regular inspections after winter ensure that the extinguishers are in proper working condition, have not been compromised by the cold weather, and are still within their expiration dates. In an emergency, fully functional fire extinguishers are essential for prompt and effective response, helping safeguard property and lives.

Partner with a Facilities Maintenance Company to Move Safely into Spring

Preparing your facility for the transition from winter to spring is crucial for the safety and well-being of everyone who enters the property. Partnering with an experienced facilities maintenance company can provide peace of mind that your facility is ready for the months ahead.

At Retail Maintenance Specialists, we understand the importance of each task and will handle all aspects of your maintenance needs with precision and care. Whether ensuring the functionality of your fire extinguishers, lighting, and door heaters or the condition of your walk-off mats, sidewalks, and parking lot, our integrated service model approaches each maintenance component comprehensively. Our dedicated team is committed to creating a safe environment that provides peace of mind. Protect yourself from liability and reputation damage. Don’t let the changing seasons catch you off guard—take proactive steps to create a secure and welcoming environment for the new season – and beyond. Contact us today to learn how we can support your facility.

[1] Entrance Matting and Why the Different Types of Mats {Mat}ter

[2] Fire Extinguisher Facts that Every Safety Professional Should Know

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