When is the Right Time to Partner with a Facilities Maintenance Company?

Maintaining facilities can be a multifaceted challenge for businesses. Staying on top of so many varying demands can be difficult. However, the condition of a business’s facilities plays a pivotal role in creating an environment that’s safe, operationally efficient, and welcoming for employees and patrons. While your internal team can perform this maintenance, cost- and time-optimization is vital. That’s why knowing when to enlist the support of a facilities maintenance company is an important strategic decision.

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Critical Scenarios for Partnering with a Facilities Maintenance Company

There are a variety of situations that can indicate it’s time to partner with a facilities maintenance company.

The Business is Rapidly Growing

If your business is expanding, your maintenance needs are likely to increase – sometimes exponentially. As it is, a 2018 study found that 93% of companies consider their maintenance processes not to be very efficient.[1] Partnering with a facilities maintenance company can help you tackle your growing workload efficiently.

Internal Maintenance Becomes Cost-Prohibitive

If the cost of internally maintaining your facilities is becoming prohibitive, or if your in-house staff is spending too much time on maintenance rather than core business functions, outsourcing to a facilities maintenance company can be much more cost-effective.

Your Maintenance Requires Specialized Expertise

Some maintenance tasks require specialized knowledge and skills. If your in-house team lacks the necessary knowledge and skills to maintain the facility, you can ensure the job is completed correctly by partnering with a facilities maintenance company.

You’re Establishing a Long-Term Strategic Plan

Incorporating a facilities maintenance company into a long-term strategic plan and budget is essential because it can provide predictability and stability in managing your facility.

Your Industry is Subject to Strict Regulations

If your industry must adhere to specific regulations or compliance standards related to maintaining your business’s facility, partnering with a facilities maintenance company business can help ensure you meet all requirements.

Your Business Serves Customers On-Site

If your business serves customers on-site, then you are aware of the impact that the appearance of your premises can have. Maintaining a clean and well-functioning facility is vital for customer satisfaction. Working with a facilities maintenance company can ensure that your premises are always well-maintained.

Services to Help Facilities Thrive

There are many services with which a facilities maintenance company can help. From routine upkeep to specialized areas such as plumbing and electrical systems, businesses require a spectrum of support to ensure the seamless functioning of their infrastructure. General maintenance services address day-to-day needs, while plumbing and electrical services cater to the specialized demands of crucial systems.

Beyond these, many other custom maintenance services add a layer of versatility, offering tailored solutions for various aspects of a business’s physical environment. A holistic approach to facility maintenance fosters a resilient, efficient, and sustainable operational ecosystem.

Every type of maintenance service is essential, and many services are intertwined. That’s why it’s crucial to partner with a facilities maintenance business that offers each.

General Maintenance Services

General maintenance services constitute the foundation of a well-functioning and resilient business infrastructure. These services help maintain the safety of the property’s exterior and interior, helping to prevent potential hazards and, thus, protecting the business from liability.

Maintaining a pristine interior of your business can help increase patron satisfaction, while maintaining interior assets helps keep the business running smoothly. An experienced facilities maintenance business can keep an organized rolling proprietary list of maintenance activities on your behalf.

General maintenance services encompass a broad spectrum of tasks, from routine inspections to repairs and upkeep, including:

By outsourcing these tasks, businesses can not only enhance the longevity and reliability of their facilities but also redirect their focus and resources toward core operational aspects. The result is a seamless and well-maintained physical environment that fosters productivity, safety, and a positive experience.

Commercial Plumbing Services

Commercial facilities present unique plumbing challenges that necessitate specialized expertise. A facilities maintenance company specializing in commercial plumbing services offers comprehensive solutions, from preventative maintenance to emergency repairs.

These professionals know how to handle intricate plumbing systems, ensuring efficient water supply, drainage, and sewage systems. Common services include:

Finding a facilities maintenance company with trusted experts on-call for emergencies is vital. Timely intervention by these experts averts potential disruptions caused by leaks or malfunctions, prevents endangering others with exposure to biohazards and waste, and contributes to water conservation and the overall sustainability of the business.

Commercial Electrical Services

Businesses demand a robust electrical infrastructure to support diverse machinery, technology, and lighting systems. The operational efficiency of this infrastructure can make a difference in safety and comfort for employees and patrons.

A facilities maintenance company specializing in commercial electrical services brings forth a team of skilled professionals adept at addressing the unique demands of such settings. These experts conduct regular inspections, identify potential issues, and perform essential repairs or upgrades to ensure a safe and uninterrupted power supply. They can detect problems before they transpire and ensure systems function optimally. Their expertise spans the spectrum of electrical needs, such as:

Delegating these commercial electrical services to experts enables businesses to elevate safety, adhere to compliance standards, and improve operational efficiency.

Other Facility Maintenance Services

Each business is unique and requires specific care. While the primary focus of facility maintenance often revolves around foundational aspects like structural maintenance, the significance of ancillary services should not be underestimated. These supplementary services serve as the supportive framework that addresses specific needs and challenges in day-to-day operations. Ancillary services ensure a comprehensive and detailed approach to facility upkeep, covering nuances that might go unnoticed. Such ancillary maintenance services may include:

The intricate needs of these industries demand a proactive approach to maintenance, and collaborating with a specialized company ensures compliance, efficiency, and an optimal environment tailored to their unique requirements.

Industries that Greatly Benefit

While many industries can benefit from working with a facilities maintenance company, there are some for whom the benefits are overwhelming. A partnership with a facilities maintenance company becomes imperative for industries characterized by stringent regulations and high operational intensity.

In sectors like retail, where customer experience hinges on a well-maintained environment, and medical facilities, where precision and hygiene are paramount, the expertise of a maintenance company is indispensable. Facilities maintenance also plays a pivotal role in the financial industry, where confidentiality and smooth operations are crucial, and in the hospitality sector, where the customer’s first impression is lasting.


Maintaining operational efficiency is crucial for retailers, ensuring a smooth and favorable customer experience. Well-kept storefronts featuring tidy and organized displays enhance the overall shopping ambiance—and your brand’s reputation. According to Shopify, a prospective customer will subconsciously judge your brand within just 90 seconds of entering your store.[2] By prioritizing maintenance, retailers minimize downtime and cut operational costs, cultivating a positive and enduring brand image. The pristine look and function of display fixtures, fitting rooms, and shelving deliver an impressive customer experience. A facilities maintenance company can help a retailer with things like:


Whether fast food or fine dining, maintaining kitchen equipment, plumbing, and lighting ensures efficient restaurant operations and a comfortable dining atmosphere. The restaurant will remain clean, the service efficient, and the patrons happy through proper maintenance. Facility maintenance services can also help restaurants meet and exceed ADA and health department compliance. These services may include:

Medical Offices

Medical offices must maintain a superior standard of care, adhere to industry regulations, and cultivate a secure environment for patients and staff. A qualified facilities maintenance business ensures that the office follows the ADA and the health department. Services commonly performed by a facilities maintenance company include:

Financial & Hospitality

Financial establishments demand regular maintenance for ATMs, security systems, and banking equipment, while hospitality settings require upkeep for guest rooms, common areas, and amenities. Common goals in both sectors include maintaining cleanliness, enhancing efficiency, and fostering positive reputations with patrons. Prioritizing maintenance in these areas minimizes downtime and upholds the overall standing of establishments. There are many associated services:

High-Quality, Trade-Specific Facility Maintenance Services

Whether a plumbing issue, power outage, or other maintenance issue, the downtime it may cause can be severe, impacting everything from your revenue to your reputation. By partnering with a facilities maintenance business that understands your needs, you can remedy any issues that transpire and even prevent maintenance issues before they occur.

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[2] How to Optimize Your Store’s Power Wall to Spike Sales

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